Lido creates time travelling swimming experience

Closed outdoor Lido re-opens!!!!!!    I know, I know! You are thinking, I didn’t realise Running Nad was on a holiday in Mallorca!  Well believe it or not, I’m not actually in a sunny, warm and cosy Mediterranean climate (I know you would never have guessed from the photos below!!!!) but my local outdoor lido (pool) has reopened after being shut for many years. Now I’m sure where some of you live an outdoor pool is nothing to brag about but where I live? It is the major talk of the tow to say the least. We don’t exactly have many lidos where I live- I have no idea why!! 

I got to be one of the first people in the Lido to try it out on the 22nd of August 2015 before it opened to the public later that week. The pool was warm and allowed for a really lovely and enjoyable swim. The wether stayed cloudy but dry (not that it mattered as I was swimming anyway but I thought I would update you anyway!!). The building has not been changed much as it was a grade 2 listed building but I think it was nice as it added character to the pool area and made the whole experience a trip back to the 90s. Although there was a fatal flaw with the changing rooms on poolside as the doors were missing paneling from the top and the bottom making the changing rooms slightly revealing. But there is a changing village being built, I was told. It was really gorgeous to swim outdoors for once and it was suprising well heated!!! i would definitely recommend! The lido is free for the first year of opening to the public! 

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Thanks for reading,

Running Nad 🏃🏽 🏃🏽 🏃🏽



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