I have recently tried the FREE app MY FITNESS PAL. FREE. FREE. FREE. 

Did I mention this app is free?? I’m going to keep this blog post sweet, short and simple.

What this app does: 

It essentially allows you to track your food intakes really easily e.g. If you have a packet of dried mango then you can just scan the barcode and the app does the rest for you. It calculates calories needed (probably less important) and macro and micronutrients! 

Yes dried mango was my example because I am OBSESSED with it. Don’t judge. 

Why I love this app:

  •  It is quick and easy to use. Just what J need in my busy day to day life. 
  • It monitors my micronutrients and macronutrients in cute little pie charts (as a visual person this is a life saver!!🙌🏽) 
  • It recognises ALL the bar codes of my food on its database (am I the only one who has used other diet trackers only to find they don’t recognise 90% of the food I eat?)
  • You can also set up a pedometer on there. 
  • It is layout so simplistically perfect that an angel could have created it 😇 🌅🌠 

All these beautiful benefits to this app and it is so easy to use compared with other unnamable apps for food tracking which I have attempted to use. I will let you all know how it goes and whether I keep this up long term but it has been a really positive start. 

    I just thought I’d do a more lighthearted and much shorter post just to contrast with some of my other posts about my fitness journey etc. 

Thanks for reading as always! Love to read your comments on which apps you like and use! What is your healthy food obsession?? 😆🍉🍆🌽🍇🍌🍑🍐🍋 (why is there no mango emoji????? 😩😱) 

Running Nad 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽

Stay strong and carry on 

PS. I am not trying to lose weight just eat more mindfully, neither am I suggesting anyone else should use these apps to lose weight. Everyone is perfect the way they are but I truly believe fitness and healthy eating is a journey to discuss self confidence. REMEBER YOU CAN ONLY REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND SOCIALLY IF YOU ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE AND DO WHAT YOU DO FOR YOURSELVE. 


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