My Journey- Part 3

Yesss the third and final edition has finally arrived. (Sorry it took so long- the usual triathlon training and exams blah blah blah…..EXCEPT I had a biology trip as well, which was super awesome and funn!!!) I am also training for the British Schools Biathlon Championships which will be held in March- stress IKR!!!! I will defo have to get into shape for that and maybe even lose a few kilos, start eating right, training seriously and just generally get my life in order. WOW that list sounds worse than it did in my head! What are your goals and hopes for the next few months? I am currently thinking I may have to skip on those triple chocolate pancakes on Shrove Tuesday next week….

Well, I am not entirely sure where I left off but last summer I attempted to join a triathlon club but apparently my age left me in an awkward position but I spoke to someone there who was involved with the national scheme and they put me in touch with my current coach who is in charge of my region. Since then I did my first open water swim and aquathon. I am currently on the regional development squad for my area but i also train with the national squad.

When I stopped swimming I really did want to succeed with running and for a short period of time I did but soon enough the weight started to creep up on me and I had no help bringing my training down from 9 sessions of swimming a week to 2-3 fifteen minute runs in terms of what I needed to eat etc. I still struggle. I have put on some much weight that I hardly recognise myself from the swimmer I used to be. I still have to lose weight but i tend to binge eat. I am not afraid to adit that I have  problem. But eventually I know I will lose the excess weight because I have the potential to do well at sport and I will not let this hurdle stop me from finishing the race.

I think part of the issue I suffered from was body dismorphia and this affected me at such a young age because I was really skinny (not unhealthy but I just grew quite tall and so my metabolism was on fire and I couldn’t put weight on) but I thought I was so fat! I think it is ridiculous now I look back at photos of myself.

Anyway, I think you guys are all up to date and now I can go on with the more lighter blog posts. I hope you liked my 3 part journey and who knows someday maybe there will be a part 4.

As always,

thanks for reading,

Running Girl xox

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