Determined to persevere

Hello Lovelies!

So recently (like a good few months ago!!) I went on a Biology field course to Pembrokeshire. It rained for 3 days straight. I was outside for 3 days straight. Now I know what you are thinking. EW!!! But it really wasn’t!! It was like a 3 day sleep over. AWESOME IKR!!! I stayed in a room with 8 of my friends. I stayed on the top bunk (yes I was slightly concerned I might fall off, okay very concerned but I didn’t-thankfully- I survived- bearly) and the trip was the most fun I’ve had for a long long time. DO YOU KNOW WHY??? Because I persevered till the end- it was compulsory, I actually didn’t have any choice. But the important thing is I was determined to enjoy the trip and I did. (I swear I was hyper for three days straight) So I know this is a little random for the start of a sports a blog post but PERSEVERE and well I hope you will enjoy!!!! 😃

DETERMINATION is such a key aspect of life  and sport! Confidence, Creativity, Caring. Life morales to go by.

 I really thought the trip would be awful. Year after year people go on this trip and are miserable but our year, we decided to ENJOY the trip by LIVING LIFE TO THA FULLEST. No matter what life threw at us (water in the form of rain and a bone chilling coldness from the wind while still we stood in the river in wellies) we were stronger united. Now I’m not usually the funniest gal in the group but I stepped up my game to get the team (yes team- that is what we became, the first year group to enjoy the biology trip) through the long days 7am till 9.30pm. 

It was basically just determination, perseverance and teamwork which got is through it. Hope you all enjoyed the post!! 

Thanks for reading as always

Running Girl xoxo


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