Easiest DIY Facial Mask to get perfect skin!!!!!!

GUYS GUYS GUYS. I AM VERY EXCITED BY THIS DISCOVERY and cannot wait to share it with you! It is SOOO EASY even I could do it. (I am not very skilled at this stuff!!!!) Made with ingredients I can guarantee you already have 😏 Can I just say there is clearly no vested interest for me to give you this information and the only reason for me sharing is so you guys can enjoy this adventurous discovery I made today. You may already do this and it is not by any means original but here goes….
As an athlete (even if you are not an athlete you still should take care of your skin! So keep on readin! 😎🤓) you may or may not realise you have a higher turnover rate of skin cells. No this is not a reason to panic but it just means you should take care to exfoliate more. (Which I have actually never really done till now- this is a no judgement zone right?? Right??)So I made a coffee and honey face mask. And I put some cucumber coins on my eyes and just relaxed.

You are crazy if you do not try this amazing face mask. Legit has given me an amazing glow and my skin feels so soft. WOW. Okay so I will get on with the method now, the actual reason you are reading this 😂. Basically I just mixed some ground up coffee beans (I did not want anything artificial!) and mixed that with one to two tablespoons of honey. Add a little water to make it to the correct consistency. I also added a little bit of juice from a lemon. Basically just rub this onto your face. I left it on for 3-5 minutes. Maybe more actually as it really did not irritate my face because the honey was so moisturising and soothing. Usually I find face make irritate my skin if I leave them on for two long but this one totally didn’t which is so cool. Then I just rubbed the coffee ground in circles on my face really softly to exfoliate the dead skin cells. And wollah. Basically because it was soooooooooooo good and I had some leftover I used it again ALL OVER my skin on my arms, legs etc. It really works like a dream. I cannot convince you enough to try this as it really worked wonders for me and I will definitely be continuing this over the summer months particularly for that special day aka PROM. But like I said earlier I would not be telling you about this if I did not think it would help you in some way! So there we go it was just a really easy face mask and beauty session for you to do. Just make this DIY mask and why not run yourself a bath while you are at it because who doesn’t love a bath bomb from Lush! I have got a few bath bombs from Lush (a really cool skin care and bath kinda shop). What is your favourite bath bomb/ skin care product?? Comment below what you would like my next post to be on⤵⤵⬇⬇⬇

(This is what I find works for me and my skin. By no means am I an expert and you should try this on a small bit of skin first to make sure there are no adverse reactions- there shouldn’t be but better safe than sorry 🙃 )

Thanks for reading,,

Running Girl xox

Running Girl xox

(Hopefully there were not too many spelling mistakes xox)))


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