Hello everyone,

So to say this last year has been trying would be an understatement. Is that an excuse for the worst pun ever? Well its my excuse and I’m going to use it because I do need a cheer up. If you haven’t already guessed it this post is going to be about the benefits of chia seeds.Now I understand if the reason you clicked on the this post was only for the benefits of chia seeds and in that case go ahead and scroll on down, I won’t blame you. But first lets catch up, what have you guys been up to? It seems like so long ago I set up this blog and even longer since I wanted to set it up. Honestly, I struggle with expressing my emotions, with writing coherently (sorry for all the spelling mistakes!!!), but this blog is somewhere private for me to speak my mind. I believe my last post was ages ago and so much in my life has changes since then.

I’ve gone to university :0 Something I wasn’t always sure would be possible. I was never a bad student, don’t get me wrong but over the years I’ve really struggled with dyslexia which was only diagnosed a year ago or so. Dyslexics, I have found are stereotyped as being stupid and thats not true, Ive found I often learn in a different way to my friends or have to take longer to read etc. but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the right to be next to them in the same lecture theatre. I’d love to do another post about dyslexia, let me know if you’d be interested! Quite frankly University was one of the best decisions of my life, I’ve met so many new people who I love so much including my first ever boyfriend. It has been a experience I would not have given up for anything and I feel so lucky having had the opportunity study at this level. 

So I’m actually studying physiotherapy at uni. I went on placement for the first time a few weeks ago and I knew instantly that it was this job I wanted to do. I can write another post on my placement and what its like to study physiotherapy before I side track myself on this one (Theres just so much stuff I want to say, I feel like bursting). About a week before I left for home I was doing a intense training session, one of many which I had been doing for weeks before this. I fell awkwardly and seriously injure my ankle. If you have ever been someone who has exercised your whole life then you’ll understand how devastated I felt. I had been planning for weeks all the running I would be doing to explore the new area , which is something I always do even when I go away for a weekend. I could barely walk but somehow managed to move my belongings into the car and then into my uni room. I survived freshers. Thats an understatement actually, I loved every minute of it but to say it wasn’t difficult would be a lie. While the 34 people who I shared a single kitchen with (yes thats correct) had next to no lectures I was in 9-5 daily. Now making that normally shouldn’t be a problem but there were a few embarrassing stories of me being late and in the wrong place (to be continued….). However, a sprained ankle should only last 8 weeks am I right? I never got an X- ray at the time but my physio who i went to see later on suspected I had a minor fracture. 

But I joined the swim team but infuriatingly could barely swim. So mostly had to settle for attending the socials which were good but I wanted to train. So gradually from a mixture of not training going out drinking and this being my first time away from home whilst have a third of a fridge shelf I slowly gained weight. Weight which a year on I am starting to move now that my ankle has started to let me go back to exercise. I still have a long way to go but if this year taught me anything it’s that you shouldn’t give up because I hope to do a aquathon in the near future. And I won’t let my ankle stop me. I am now try to go for a swim 3/4 times a week. One hour each time. I swim about 3000m each time doing different strokes and sets each time. And it makes me happy, I have not been swimming properly for a long time and it feels good to be back in the water. 


Benefits of Chia:

Okay so I’m sorry for the ultimately boring and long blog post but i’ll keep this short sweet and interesting (hopefully). Chia seeds are these tiny little seed which puff up when you put them in liquid. This is part of the reason they make you feel full as they absorb the liquid in your stomach and expand giving you a sense of being fuller than you are.

Now I am no expert nor have I ever claimed to be but I can certainly tell you about my experience and that certainly has got to count for something in a money driven world, theres no vested interest here on my regular old blog.


Okay so this is not the sole answer to happiness, you got me. However, I do believe the saying you are what you eat. So why not eat wholesome, fibre filled, protein fuelled, plant goodness? Do you not want to feel your best? Thats what I thought.

A  common misconception:

Chia seeds are often seen as expensive which they are but what you forget is that a whole bag will certainly last me a whole lot longer than most foods I keep stored in my kitchen.


Now this is arguably just my opinion but I find them pretty tasteless. Considering the health benefits which you would probably be better learning about elsewhere from a professional, why not sprinkle a few over your morning oatmeal? 


Now if you are anything like me you’ll know the texture is just as important as taste. Think cooked spinach (EEEEWWW- Yes that needed to be in both bold and capitals), now I like raw spinach., I like the taste of cooked spinach but the texture defeats me. Anyone else? Chia seeds on the other hand are a little odd at first I won’t deny it takes a bit to get used to them but once you do, there absolutely fine. Barely noticeable.


I don’t know about you guys but I am notorious for forgetting about foods, buying more stuff and they get left at the back of the cupboard forgotten. Chia seeds or the ones I have had a long shelf life so seal them up and a few months later voila!! This is especially good because I find it takes me quite a while to get through a whole bag of them myself.


Do not fret I am done. Phew, I am almost out of breath typing all of this. But if you have managed to read all of that, which I doubt anyone has then I appreciate you so much 🙂 Thanks for reading please let me know if you have any questions or just comment below because why not!!

All the hugs in the world,

Running Nad xxx


2 thoughts on “DO YOU NEED A CHIA UP?!!

  1. Eva@L.E.EBakers says:

    Chia is AWESOME! They are like little things of dynamite! I like to put 2 tablespoons in my smoothies or in my energy cookies. Have you tried them in smoothies?
    Cooked spinach?!? I second your “eww!” Okay I know that was kinda not related to this comment…
    I would be quite interested in a dyslexia post! I wish people would treat other people who have health or physical issues the same as they would treat a healthy person. I can’t say that I’ve gone through what you have gone through, but I have gone through something similar.
    ❤️ Your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Running Girl says:

      Thank you so much for your comment!! Yes love putting chia in my smoothies. Haha I can just about manage raw spinach in salads or smoothies but not if it’s cooked, it’s so weird!! I’m glad you are interested haha I started writing it and wasn’t sure if people would care. I’ll definitely write it then, I’m kind of hoping it’ll help others who maybe feeling the same or going through something similar!! ❤️


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